Be The Hero of Your Own Story

I’m going to share with you one of the best pieces of advice I have ever given myself: BE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY.

You tell the story of your life to yourself everyday; as you wake up, as you walk down the street, as you drive to work, even as you laugh and smile and eat your dinner. Since you are both the narrator and main character in your story, it is important that the story you are telling yourself is the one of  your dreams; that you are the most bad ass, strong, wise, and heroic character you can be. We often tell ourselves that we are the victims in our story; and thus, our lives pan out accordingly.

What I’m suggesting to you is to change up that story; instead of waiting for a hero to save you, YOU BE THE HERO. Instead of letting life just happen to you, know and understand that you are creating your life and you have the ability to live the life of your dreams if you just change how you are telling your personal story.  

Want this to really work well? Trying writing out your story, even drawing a picture of what you might look like as the hero. Put this on your mirror (or refridgerator, or anywhere you see often) and remind yourself daily that you really ARE that hero, and thus you WILL be!